Ready for expert coaching? I help busy people like YOU to smash their half marathon, marathon, and ultramarathon training goals differently. My methods involve a holistic, integrated, and evidence-informed approach to training.

running coach client Shaun

"I’ve trained for a marathon so many times and had to pull out due to injury. Nick said: ‘I’ll get you there.’ I signed up. And he did! And I enjoyed every minute of the race!

It’s been brilliant having someone there to help with strength AND running (not too many coaches out there who can do both) and who is also on hand to answer questions. I can 100% recommend.”

- Isabel Clough, 5-star review on Google


Do you want to run faster and further and enjoy your running, but don’t know where to start? Many online searches for the best training plan still leave you wanting more or, in some cases, injured and burnt out.

Fortunately, running training doesn’t have to be that way. My coaching methodology and approach make it easy and enjoyable to achieve your goals in your running, no matter what they are! 

Training should fit into your life, whether it’s an ultramarathon, like UTMB, or shorter, like the London marathon. A training plan can be overwhelming when that’s all you do. Not to mention that's the quick way to hate your running routine–you’ll burn out before race day, undoing all your progress!

Ultramarathon training paid off for client James


As your online running coach, I provide various resources to find the perfect training plan for you and your goals. My training approach involves more than just running because a quality plan includes supplemental activities. Running alone doesn’t cut it. 

Increasing speed and endurance requires training in every aspect of your daily life. Essential things like proper hydration and nutrition, strength training, and managing everyday stressors must be a part of running training. My methods involve each, allowing you to improve your running comprehensively.

As your running or marathon coach, I provide you with each of the following:

  • A tailored and adaptive training plan. No two runners of mine have the same plan, even if they are doing the same race!

  • An integrated and holistic training approach

  • Accessible and consistent communication

  • Convenient Training Apps

  • Top-of-the-range coaching technologies

  • A running community with educational resources

Running Coaching Maximum Mileage
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I pride myself on my SERVICE and the VALUE I provide as a running coach. Unlike many coaches who charge extra for their TIME, I only charge for RESULTS! So, you can contact me any time you like or make changes to your plan without having to upgrade to an overpriced exclusive membership package! We can create a London marathon training plan for you today.

My personal results speak for themselves with many running awards and personal bests, and my credentials include the following:

  • UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness (URN: 3828582)

  • UESCA Certified Ultrarunning Coach

  • Affiliate Torq Fitness Certified Performance running coach

  • TrainingPeaks Certified

  • Sub-3 Marathoner

  • Competitive ultrarunner

  • Strength training advocate and lifter of heavy things, you are in safe hands with me as your running coach!


Making time for exercise is difficult. I’m a busy parent myself and know the struggles of balancing running with everyday life. Through helping my amazing wife through a breast cancer battle, as well as dealing with two wild sons (!), I know how tough it can be to train around life! Running doesn’t have to be an added stressor in this already stressful life. It should and can be beneficial to more than just your bodily health.

I started using running simply as a way to help with serious mental health challenges. I spent my first couple of years in the middle of the pack at parkrun, and I even did horrendously in my first marathon (I was crying when I went over the line! Both in pain and from joy... But mostly pain!) So, I know how it feels just to be starting out in your running journey.

Over the years, I got faster and stronger. I did this by levelling up my training knowledge and receiving specialised help from coaches myself. A marathon coach or ultramarathon coach is so essential to me that I still have my own running coach and strength coach – that's how much I believe in the benefits of coaching!

The proof is in the numbers!

I now have personal records of the following:
- 5km - 17:28
- 10km - 36:58
- Half marathon - 1:19:26
- Marathon: 2:53.01
- 50km 3:59.04

Running Coaching Maximum Mileage

I have also had multiple podium appearances and Top 10 finishes at all distances. In particular, I am strongest at ultramarathon distances! Not only that, but I’ve enjoyed the highlights of being the 1st place winner of the Maverick Adidas Terrex Jurassic Coast long course in October 2022, 2nd place in May 2021 at the BigWayAround 50 km (just pipped by the Team England ultra captain!), and 4th place at Brecon2Cardiff in a field of 500+ in one of the worst storms Britain has ever seen!!!


Running Coaching Maximum MileageRunning Coaching Maximum MileageRunning Coaching Maximum Mileage
Running Coaching Maximum MileageRunning Coaching Maximum Mileage
Running Coaching Maximum MileageRunning Coaching Maximum MileageRunning Coaching Maximum Mileage

Maximum Mileage is for you, if...

  • You have a goal race and want to perform the best you can without having to put your life on hold to train

  • Your goal race(s) is at least half marathon, marathon, or ultramarathon distance

  • You’re currently running regularly but want structure and accountability

  • You are willing to utilise the "non-running stuff" (strength, fuelling, mindset, mobility, etc) to enhance your running

Running Coaching Maximum Mileage


Reaching your goal of running your first ultramarathon, hitting a marathon PB, or getting on the podium can be challenging! But you’ll definitely see the results with me as your coach.

Imagine crossing the finish line knowing that all your hard work and dedication has paid off and you achieved a crazy distance goal or smashed the time you were after!

Imagine looking back and knowing that you made the right decision by investing in having Maximum Mileage by your side the whole way!

My methods provide a tailored and adaptive training plan that works for you. No two runners of mine have the same plan, even if they are doing the same race! Many training coaches and apps claim to be fully customizable when they really aren’t. My promise to you is to be different and follow through on my claims.

An integrative and holistic view of your overall training, including fuelling, hydration, daily life stressors, and strength training. This allows you to see the areas you succeed in and where you need to improve.

Accessible and consistent communication with me, your running coach, and the MM running community. This includes Monday check-ins via video recording, unlimited contact with me, and group webinars and catch-ups with other MM athletes.

Convenient training with my app that’s fully online, in your pocket, or even on your wrist via smartwatch! Want to share a win? Stuck on something? Shoot a message over anytime!

Top-of-the-line coaching technologies used to plan, track and get feedback on your training. My app and methods provide fully customizable training regimens that adapt based on your progress and feedback. Instant community through a private Facebook group with educational resources that feed your mind and community to support your journey further.

Want customised help? Check us out!