Hey, I’m Nick Hancock

UK Athletics Licensed and UESCA Ultrarunning certified online running coach

First and foremost, I am a family man with two young sons (whose names, Max and Miles, inspired the name of my business!) and husband to my amazing wife, Alyson! I have worked in senior corporate roles for global organisations, so I understand the challenges and constraints that people face with the pressures of everyday life and fitting in training for your big races.

Nick Hancock and his wife both wearing gold medals around their necks. They are facing the camera and smiling, with the medals visible in the foreground of the image.
The photo depicts Nick and his wife with their two children. The family is dressed in casual clothing and appears to be at at home. Nick and his wife are standing behind their children, who are facing the camera and smiling.
Nick Hancock is shown taking a selfie with a National Trust Pen y Fan board in the background. Nick is dressed in casual clothing and is holding a smartphone up in front of his face to take the photo. The board behind him includes information about the Pen y Fan peak. The image conveys a sense of outdoor adventure and exploration.

Secondly, I am a runner! It is undeniably part of my identity and I love running races whenever family life allows. I’ve been fortunate enough to run all manner of distances from 5k up to ultramarathon, with half marathon, marathon and ultramarathon being my sweet spot! My many race wins and podium appearances support the success of my training methods.

An image of Nick Hancock is shown running in a marathon. He is running on a road, suggesting that he is participating in a large-scale running event.

My Mission

As your personal online running coach my mission is to help people with busy lives—like you—run better than you could ever imagine! My experience allows me to help you find the perfect balance between everyday life and your passion for running.

My services as a certified UESCA running coach are available to everyone no matter your location thanks to the wonders of technology! My training methods are enhanced by my communication through weekly check-ins and feedback, private facebook group with my other athletes, and more...!

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Personal running records

5 kilometers
10 kilometers
half marathon
50 kilometers

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