Runners Strength Training Plans

Many people forget an essential aspect of running is to improve your strength! This in turn improves your VO2 Max, running speed, posture, form, and endurance.

Finding the right strength training for runners, especially in an app, is almost a marathon effort itself!! An internet search will lead you down a rabbit hole of excessive technical information, cumbersome excel spreadsheets, and not enough legitimate training. This is something I experienced and was motivated by when I created Maximum Mileage Coaching.

Just like you, I got frustrated with getting injured, dealing with muscle cramps all the time, and feeling like my glutes were going to EXPLODE toward the end of my races through sheer fatigue! I knew I needed specific runners’ strength training to supplement my ultramarathon training and marathon training, but I didn't know where to start, and the information out there is often confusing and frustrating. It can be challenging to know where to start!

That's why I have spent the last few years studying the correct strength training for runners to do. Through my UESCA Certification and own experience, I found the best way to deliver it! And thus, my Maximum Mileage Strength training app was born!

Maximum Mileage Strength App

My convenient and thorough strength training app provides strength training for runners with the following:

✅ All plans are sent straight to your phone using my state-of-the-art Strength Training App (screenshots below!), and if you have an Apple Watch it's on there too! It's like having a personal trainer in your pocket or on your wrist!

✅ Stay on track and see your progress in the app with the simple but intuitive tracking system. All movements and routines are fully explained and have High-Definition video explanations to ensure you perform every movement right!

✅ Many people miss out on the benefits of a personal trainer because of the prices... a single session can cost £30-50, over the course of a month that can be north of £300. My app has programmes designed to help you stay injury-free, run strong in your races and be a better runner–all at a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer!

✅ The app has numerous resources, including a FREE bonus Foam Rolling routine and FREE mobility routine! Foam rolling is especially important for muscle recovery and improving mobility, which determines how well your muscles and joints can move through an exercise or motion.

strength app

Strength Training Plans

I know that the costs associated with gym memberships or fitness equipment turn away many people that desire to improve their overall health and running abilities. for example, the cost of a SINGLE personal training session can cost £30-50 which puts it out of reach for many people. With 2 sessions per week, this can easily start mounting up to over £200-400 per month!

So, my programmes for strength training for runners include multiple pricing options that make it more affordable!

The four-week programme is ideal for beginners and doesn’t require access to a gym or fitness equipment. All you need for this plan is a resistance band set. This workout consists of two upper body exercises, two lower body exercises, and a bonus core routine!

The six-week programme is a gym-based programme that is more intensive and requires access to a gym or home gym with equipment including barbells, weight plates, dumbbells, bench, squat rack, and resistance bands.

The eight-week programme is a dumbbell-only plan that requires access to a variety of dumbbells either at a gym or at home. This plan has two phases and is suitable for anyone including beginners!

The 12-week programme has the same requirements as the six-week gym-based programme just double the time. This plan helps you improve your running by increasing strength as well as reducing muscular fatigue, improving posture, and reducing your risk of injury.

No matter which programme you determine best suits your needs, you will surely see improvement in your running training!


12-Week, Runners Strength Training Programme

Ideal for someone with access to a commercial gym or home gym with the listed equipment

Equipment needed: Barbell, Weight Plates, Dumbbells, Bench, Squat Rack, Bands



4-Week Strength Training For Runners - Bands Only

Ideal for someone starting out on their strength journey and with access to mini and super bands (which are super easy to get online!)

Equipment needed: Mini Bands and Super Bands (the long one!)



8-Week Runners Strength Training - Dumbbells Only

Ideal for someone with access to dumbbells... either at home or in the gym!

Equipment needed: Dumbbells (a variety of weights ideally!)


Running coach Nick Hancock, Maximum Mileage

6-Week Runners Strength Training - Gym Based

Ideal for someone with access to a gym or well stocked home gym

Equipment needed: Barbell, Weight plates, Dumbbells, Bench, Squat Rack, Bands