This is so important before race day!

October 13, 2022
Nick Hancock


It is essential to practice with your full race day kit, especially for longer distances

And I’m talking EXACT, not just similar1

Right down to practicing with exactly the same tee shirt, shoes, socks, pants, shorts, all your nutrition (yeah, ALL OF IT)

Todays run was exactly that for me. I had precisely the kit I am going to wear, every last gram of nutrition was in my pack, mandatory kit… you name it, I had it on me today

You should be doing this too.

It’s no good turning up on race day with an extra half kilo or more in your pack having not practiced itIt’s no good turning up wearing a pair of socks and shoes combo you’ve never tried before

Practicing running with your kit is just as important as all those sessions you’ve done, all that strength work you've put it… in fact, you could totally undo all that great training by turning up on race day with something new.

Even the smallest thing could derail your race

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