Race Day Fuelling Plan... A Quick Guide!

November 1, 2022
Nick Hancock


A race day nutrition plan should not be overcomplicated and should closely mirror that of what you have been trialing during training.

There are four important elements of a race day nutrition strategy:

  1. Only eat and drink what has been tried and true in training. Of these two, focus first on hydration needs.
  2. Target a particular number of calories to consume per hour
  3. Target a set amount of fluids to ingest per hour, taking into consideration temperature fluctuations
  4. Know when and how to incorporate other nutritional aspects such as caffeine and things to settle the stomach (ex: ginger). Again, this needs to be trialed in training to know how the body will likely respond.

Below is a sample race day nutritional strategy that is focused on simplicity. The structure of an athlete’s nutrition plan should be something similar to this on race day.

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