Marcus Weedon - Maximum Mileage Athlete - His running year in numbers!

January 4, 2023
2 minutes
Marcus Weedon

2022 WOW it was bursting with so many PB’s.


Normally my annual running write up is highlighting that I continue to run further and further each year and for the first time in the last 8 years there hasn’t been an increase, in fact I’m 800km less of running compared to last year.


This has been due to dialling right back the training thanks to @runwithnick who has guided me over the last year or so to some incredible achievements, notably running the Ultra Marathon (Run to the Sea) 50k.


Notably because I hadn’t ran a race of more than 30k since the last Marathon ran back in 2013 where by I declared after running that last Marathon that I would never run oneagain.


Nick got me to the end of this race thanks to his relentless and hard training plan, which worked and got me home in 4 hours 20 mins, the best thing about this race was pacing it comfortable and getting through the Marathon split 30 mins faster than my previous attempts and feeling very comfortable but nowhere near as painful. My first attempt and last at an Ultra wasn’t that shabby I think, and it was certainly helped by having amazing views all the way round.


So here are thoseother PBs


Official Races

100m – 13.9 secs(-1.4 secs) Battersea Park – Southern Counties Vets League

400m – 64.7 secs(-0.7 secs) Battersea Park – Southern Counties Vets League

800m – 2.28 mins(-0.5 secs) Hillingdon – Southern Counties Vets League

10k – 39.17 mins(-14 secs) Vitality London 10,000    


Unofficial Races

400m - 63.5 secs(-1.9 secs) Harrow Hill School Track – Metros Olympics

5k – 18.19 mins(2 secs) Harrow Hill School Track – Metros 5k Competition


Field Events

High Jump – 1.45m(Equalled) Perivale – Southern Counties Vets League

Long Jump – 4.17m(+32cm) Perivale – Southern Counties Vets League

Triple Jump –9.44m (+45cm) Hillingdon – Southern Counties Vets League


The Highs of 2022– Definitely finishing the Ultra, giving me so much confidence in believingthat I can run long distance (but running slower) with the correct trainingstructure. To complete the Ultra was way beyond what I expected by body to beable to do and I can thank Nick enough for guiding me to that finish line.


And another year injury free, however the AS is playing up more than previous years and alreadyhave a plan to get back on top of the aches and pains currently hindering myroute back to the 5k race pace I was doing this time last year.


I have also ranfor the 2nd year the new Virtual Charity event for @only_a_pavement_away #48hrrelay and raising money for them with the amazing @harri_uk  team - this event is happening again in 2023 🙌🙌


The Lows – Can’t think of any to be honest apart from not doing enough races.


So, 2023 looks like it will jam packed as I have already booked some HM and Marathon racesearly in the year, then there’s the usual, Summer League and Vets League events, plus our clubs Marathon Week which I havent done before – it’s gearing up to be another busy one and finger crossed there will be even further PBs


I move into also move into a new age group as well thanks to turning 50 early in the year, sothat is going to help with age grading and some potential club records beingbroken.


2023 I’m so looking forward to you and looking forward to working with Nick in being aneven better runner!!! 

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