Amazing benefits of EASY RUNNING!!

March 28, 2023

Nick Hancock
Amazing benefits of EASY RUNNING!!

OK, we’ve seen it a million times now all over the internet and social… But why do runners, at all levels, often go out too hard too often?

I get it, it’s fun to run fast but by doing so runners miss out on the single biggest opportunity to get faster and run longer!!.🧐 Without going too deep into the science (mitochondrial function, capillary density, et al), running at an easy effort for a significant amount of time (roughly 80% of our weekly volume is the consensus and substantially backed by science) will give our bodies the opportunity to develop our aerobic base, the foundation upon which endurance running is built upon 💪🏻.

Runners who take the time to invest in building a strong aerobic base benefit from:

✅ Stronger aerobic function meaning you can run faster and longer with less effort

✅ Reduced fatigue

✅ Reduced chance of injury

✅ More chance to work on form and technique (even when running slower!)

✅ Those speed sessions (the other 20%) will be more like a treat and you will be able to give them more hammer!…

The list goes on!.

Throw your ego away and run easy!

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