50km World Record Broken... again!

October 10, 2022

Nick Hancock

The old saying goes "records are there to be broken"!

That could not be truer this year as we rebound from the global pandemic with what seems a new and revived appetite for smashing world records!

To add to Eliud Kipchoge's phenomenal 2:01:09 WR in the Berlin Marathon, Aleksander Sorokin's mind-boggling 198 miles in 24 hours, and Kilian Jornet's sub-20 hour win at UTMB, this for me is another all-time great record feat in long-distance running! We are being treated to a real purple patch right now, and its a great time to be alive witnessing it!

CJ Albertson, the 29-year old from Fresno CA, is in astonishing form at the moment, both physically and mentally as he describes "not being able to feel pain"... quite the superpower to have in such an event!

Crossing the finish line in 2:38 for a marathon is the stuff of dreams for most people, so to be adding another 5 miles onto the marathon distance and doing this time is incredible.

The event is the Ruth Anderson Memorial Run, a 4.5 mile certified course around a lake in San Fransisco with around 100ft elevation gain/loss per loop

Some of the numbers from this run just make me go crossed eyed at the thought! Lets take a look at some key digits!

  • Finish time - 2:38.44... shaving off 4 minutes from his previous best!
  • This is the 2nd time he has claimed this distance world record
  • The previous record he actually held on a pancake flat running track... this time there was over 1000ft elevation involved and was on asphalt and gravel! Less than ideal compared to a track!
  • He ran a sub-5 minute mile on mile 20
  • He went through the marathon time in 2:11

The list kind of goes on!

What a run from a talented athlete and I think we will see more from this guy as he matures and gets further support behind him

world record 50km run

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