The Best Chest Torches For Running

May 25, 2023

Nick Hancock
The Best Chest Torches For Running

Its getting dark again! Summer is drawing in and its time to light up the night sky!

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the best chest torches for running! When it comes to nighttime or low-light running, ensuring proper visibility is crucial for both safety and performance. A chest torch, also known as a chest light or chest lamp, offers a hands-free lighting solution that illuminates your path and keeps you visible to others. In this article, we have curated a selection of the top chest torches available in the market, highlighting their features, functionality, and suitability for runners of all levels. Whether you're an avid trail runner seeking adventure in the dark or simply prefer early morning or late evening jogs, we've got you covered. Get ready to explore the world of chest torches and find the perfect companion to light up your running journey.

Why should you have a chest light for running?

As the sun sets earlier and the nights grow longer, many runners find themselves hitting the pavement or trails in the dark. Running in low-light conditions not only affects your visibility and safety but can also hinder your performance if you're unable to see the terrain clearly. That's where running chest lights come in handy. You can also read about the best head torches for running in our other guide.

These wearable lighting devices have become increasingly popular among runners who prefer them over traditional head torches due to their comfort, stability, and ability to light up the ground directly in front of you.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore some of the best running chest lights available in the market, catering to various preferences, budgets, and requirements.

Whether you're an urban runner navigating dimly lit streets, a trail enthusiast conquering rugged terrain, or a safety-conscious athlete looking for maximum visibility, we've got you covered. We will discuss options for those seeking maximum comfort, environmentally friendly choices, lights suitable for group runs, and more.

Our Chest Torch Reviews

So, let's dive into the world of running chest lights and discover the perfect companion to brighten up your nighttime running adventures.

Best running chest light for: Urban RunningDecathlon’s Kiprun 250 Lumen Running Light

This chest torch will do you a solid running around your local streets, with 250 lumens it’ll easily light upthe pavement in front of you and with 2.5hr battery time at full power, it’ll happily last the majority of road runs. Reflective strips all the way around will also keep you visible to the local boy-racers! At around just under £30, it’s an affordable option for the performance

Best running chest light for for: No-frills, budget optionLUMEFIT Running Light 500 Lumen

At time of writing this is available from Amazon for under £20, and for the performance it kicks out, it’s a bit of a steal! 500 lumen output means it is very bright and at a claimed 3hr run time, that is impressive. A very bright neon chest strap with reflective strips means you’ll be visible to any other road user from quite some distance!

Best running chest light for: FlipBelt wearersFlipBeltRunning Light

OK, this is a very niche one here, as you need to have a FlipBelt for this one, but we felt it should be in the list because it’s a REALLY good light! The excellent, waist (not chest!) mounted, FlipBelt is roughly £60 and the light itself is not far off the same, so it’s not cheap, but at a 500-lumen output and its superb portability along with up to a whopping 12 hour burn time and super lightweight features, it was well worth a mention on this list

Best running chest torch for: Serious Trail runnersUltraSpire Lumen 800 Multisport

Wow!! This. Is. Bright! Another waist mounted option as opposed to chest, but this bad boy is an ultra-runners dream! It kicks out a whopping 800 Lumens and has a burn time of 4-8 hours with the ability to connect a Micro-USB power bank to keep the charge going for longer! It, quite literally turns the night into daylight with it’s epic beam, meaning you can run at normal pace and not have to slow down due to visibility issues. Only available in the states (as far as we could tell), but worth the delivery time!

Best running chest torch for: Multi-use LedLenserNeo9R

Alright, alright… I am cheating on this one a bit because, in reality, it’s a head torch… and a damn good one too and was close to ousting the Ledlenser MH10 on my Best Head Torch list. The fact it comes with a Chest strap as standard, makes it a great option for those who want incredible performance… but not on your bonce!

Best running chest light for: Maximum Comfort Nathan Nebula Fire Chest Light

The Nathan Nebula Fire chest light is designed for runners who prioritise comfort without compromising on performance. Its adjustable chest strap provides a secure and customisable fit, while the breathable mesh backplate ensures that you stay cool even on long runs. With 510 lumens, this light ensures you have excellent visibility on the trail or road. The Nebula Fire also boasts a 5-hour runtime on high mode and features three lighting modes: low, medium, and high. Additionally, its built-in accelerometer adjusts the beam intensity based on your running speed, providing optimal visibility. Priced around £50, this chest light offers comfort and high-performance for all your running adventures.

Best running chest light for: Environmentally Conscious Runners – Biolite Headlamp 750 & Chest Mount

The Biolite Headlamp 750 is an eco-friendly option for runners who care about the environment. Its USB rechargeable battery eliminates the need for disposable batteries, reducing waste. Though it is primarily a headlamp, the Biolite Headlamp 750 can be easily converted to a chest light with the separately sold Biolite Chest Mount. With an impressive 750 lumens and eight different lighting modes, this light is perfect for any running situation. The headlamp boasts a runtime of 150 hours on low mode and 7 hours on high mode, ensuring that you stay visible and safe throughout your run. At around £90 for the headlamp and £15 for the chest mount, this environmentally friendly option is worth the investment.

Best running chest light for: Running with a Group – Petzl Swift RL Chest Light

The Petzl Swift RL is perfect for group running sessions as it features Reactive Lighting technology, which automatically adjusts the light intensity based on the distance of objects in your field of vision. This means you won't blind your running partners with an intense beam of light. The Swift RL delivers up to 900 lumens and has a burn time of 2-30 hours, depending on the mode used. The optional chest strap accessory allows you to convert the headlamp to a chest light with ease. While this option is slightly more expensive, around £100 for the headlamp and £20 for the chest strap, the advanced features make it worth the investment.

Best running chest light for: Safety and Visibility – Knog Bandicoot Chest Light

The Knog Bandicoot is another headlamp that can be easily converted to a chest light with the use of a chest strap. It features a unique design with a silicone strap that wraps around the chest, providing a comfortable and secure fit. The Bandicoot has a maximum output of 250 lumens and boasts multiple lighting modes, including a red safety light that helps keep you visible to traffic. Its 7-hour runtime on high mode and USB rechargeable battery make it a practical option for daily use. The Knog Bandicoot chest light is priced at around £40, making it a budget-friendly option for runners who value safety and visibility.

In conclusion, there are numerous chest torches for running available to suit different preferences, budgets, and requirements. Whether you're an urban runner, a trail enthusiast, or someone who values comfort or environmental consciousness, you're sure to find a chest light that meets your needs. For more information about the best running chest lights. For for help and advice with your running journey, please get in touch.


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