5 Benefits of an Online Running Coach

February 16, 2023
3 minutes
Nick Hancock

5 Benefits of an Online Running Coach

Running is an amazing way to get exercise, stay in shape, and set yourself up for a healthier lifestyle. Whether you’re just looking for a way to ease into running or you’re an experienced pro looking to break records, having a great online running coach can make the difference between failure and success. At Maximum Mileage, Nick specialises as an Online Running Coach by helping busy people get the very best reslts possible in their half marathon, marathon and ultramarathon races! Whether you are after a PB or to simply finish strong, Nick will help you achieve it!

But an Online Running Coach is (not) expensive!!

If I had a dollar every time I heard this, I could retire! People are so quick to say this, yet don't blink twice when dropping £260 on a pair of the latest and greatest release of their favourite running shoe which they think is going to make them 73428764832% faster, or a £500 watch that has a bit of extra battery life than their previous watch! All stuff, that in the order of priorities, is really much further down than they think when it comes to improving performance! A coach can truly help transform your running like no super shoe or fancy watch ever will. So, if you haven't thought of having a coach before, I urge you to consider it instead of spoffing all your hard earned cash on more "stuff" you probably don't need!

So what are the benefits of having an Online Running coach

An online running coach can provide numerous benefits that help you make the most out of your running experience by making sure that you are training safely and efficiently. Here are some of the benefits of hiring an online running coach, specifically Nick:

  1. Personalised Training Plans - OK, every coach says this, but you would be STAGGERED by how many so-called "coaches" opy and paste plans across their runners. I truly believe that every runner is different and has individual needs when it comes to their training plan. A great online running coach will take the time to evaluate not just your fitness level and any special requirements you might have like previous injuries, but I really get to know myr unners and how their daily lives look from kids, to jobs, to shift patterns! I believe really understanding the PERSON is vital in order to develop a comprehensive plan tailored specifically to them. This plan should include strength training, recovery strategies, nutrition advice, and more so that you can reach your goals quickly and safely. Running is more than just running!
  2. Guidance on Proper Form & Technique - Proper form and technique are essential for optimising performance while reducing injury risk. With an experienced online running coach providing guidance along the way with personal feedback on proper form as well as tips for avoiding common injuries associated with poor form or fatigue, you'll be less likely to develop bad habits or suffer from avoidable issues over time. I do this by simply having my runners periodically send me videos of them running... the joys of modern technology! If you are local then you can come to my gym or we can go for a run for real time analysis!
  3. Detailed Progress Monitoring - Keeping track of your progress is key when it comes to improving your times as well as staying motivated during runs! An online running coach can monitor your stats like race times, weekly mileage totals, heart rate data etc., so that they can better assess how each training session is impacting your overall progress — this alone makes having a coach worth it! They also check-in on how well you're sticking to the plan (and adjust if needed) so that you don't end up pushing too far too soon or burning out early on due to overtraining/undertraining — both can have serious negative consequences! I do this using the very best in coaching technology where, alongside your anecdotal, subjective feedback, I analyse data on a daily and weekly basis in ordre to provide constant feedback, which I do via my Monday video/voice check ins (something quite unique to me!)
  4. Nutritional Guidance & Gear Recommendations - Nutrition plays an important role in every runner's training regime; eating the wrong food at the wrong time could sabotage even the best workout plans! An experienced online running coach will not only help guide your nutrition but also provide hand-picked gear recommendations tailored specifically for what kind of runner you are (based on factors such as body type/structure, weight etc.). This can save you the hassle of spending lots of money buying items that won't actually help improve your performance or last very long -- something which every runner hates doing!
  5. Accountability & Encouragement - Sticking with any plan requires dedication and perseverance — but sometimes even those aren't enough in themselves! During those moments when motivation wanes or life events interfere with training, having someone around who knows exactly what it takes to complete a goal is invaluable; not only does it provide accountability when things get tough but also encouragement when all seems lost! Having an experienced online running coach who knows exactly what it takes mentally & physically helps keep focus on achieving set goals in sight no matter what life throws at them along the journey !

All these reasons make hiring an online coaching service like Nick at Maximum Mileage Coaching worth considering if marathon dreams ever begin taking shape! Whether you are a competitive athlete looking for performance optimisation or recreational runners wanting to start slow but finish strong, Nick has helped over 100 runners realise their goals promptly and efficiently without it negatively affecting their home lives!!

So, what are you waiting for... put the credit card away and get off the Sportsshoes.com website!!! Make an enquiry with me today and lets talk about how having me as your online running coach can take your running to another level!


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